Our history

  • 1979Our first home

    In December 1979 the doors of the old Doctors House, No 1 High Street, Kings Heath opened to welcome its first visitors to a drop in centre founded by voluntary community members. It had already become clear that plans for community care were not matched by community provisions and a place was desperately needed in Kings Heath and Moseley where warmth, refreshment, recreation and above all friendship could be found.
  • 1980Registered as a charity

    A few months later the Kinmos Volunteer Group was registered as a charity and by July 1980 it’s first full time paid organiser had been appointed. At this time Kinmos shared the building with a team from social services but as news spread the number of service users increased and it soon became apparent that more space and staff were needed to accommodate the demand.
  • 1988Our growth

    The social services team was first reduced in size and then moved to other accommodation enabling Kinmos to expand and by the end of 1988 Kinmos had secured two full time paid assistants to work alongside the organiser and volunteers in the running of the centre, it was registered as a company and Kinmos Volunteer Group Limited was born. None of this would have been possible without the committee members giving their time and energy to establish and develop the project along with the support and generosity of a great number of people from the local community.
  • 2016Present day

    From September 2016 Kinmos has moved into the community. Due to a reduction in funding we were no longer able to afford 1 High Street, a house we had resided in for 37 years, we also had to reduce the staffing levels. We now work out of Cambridge Road Methodist Church. We have groups who meet up in the community too. The venues are subject to change - an up to date timetable is available on this website.
39 years

of service to the community